Wood Fired domestic hot water and GRID EX II – Part 2 Update

Its been 2 full days of running off only wood fired domestic hot water. Ok, not entirely, the first night for some reason the water was cooled right off for some reason. I don’t think there was a hot water draw since I last checked it. regardless, the water was cooled down too much, I was forced to turn on the electricity for an hour so I could have a hot shower. I enjoy experiment, but I don’t feel like we need to rough it! Save that for the real grid down situation.

Most are not aware but they are doing a BIG continent wide grid down drill (Grid Ex 2).  They are drilling to see how power companies and such would handle a grid down situation. THat happens on Nov 14th and 15th in Canada, US and Mexico.

The official website of this drill is here: http://www.nerc.com/pa/CI/CIPOutreach/Pages/GridEX.aspx

GridEx II

Its drilling for a terrorist attack on the grid, an EMP blast which could take out electronics  (nuclear blast 15 KMs up in the air for example). The country and the continent would go back to the 1800s prior to electronics. Most have no comprehension of the outcome of something like that. No cell phones, no computers, no microwaves, no electricity for weeks at all. No coffee makers, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, no furnaces, air conditioners, no cars, motorcycles,.. lights. You name it.

Anyways, its real interesting to know and experience really living with a limited hot water supply. It has enough hot water for a couple showers (one tank of hot water basically). The recovery time is at least a couple of hours to get a full tank back up to temp and that assumes the fire is going. with warm temps outside the fire doesn’t burn too hot so this semi shoulder season stuff isn’t ideal but it works. Bodes well for REAL heating season though where its going 24/7.

One thing about it, we really need to manage our use now. We can’t (if we want to stay away from electricity) just put in loads and loads of laundry during the day without knowing there likely won’t be enough hot water for showers at night. So we have to adjust our lifestyle, schedule hot water usage. First thing in the morning is good as its had all night to heat up. Then at the end of day its had all day to warm up. So you can have your showers first, skim off the hottest water for those comforts then use what is left for dishwashing, clothes etc where you don’t care so much if it runs out of hot.

So just some info and thoughts on that process.

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