I’ll take a page, or name anyways from one of the guys I subscribe to on YouTube. He runs the off grid homestead, in which he records his life living off grid, fighting the elements, living in an RV, using solar power (and running out of it). Check his channel out here:


My summary of our homestead currently is that we have most of the wood cut up. Blocked. Haven’t really split anything this year yet. Going to try and get away without splitting much of it, we’ll see how well that works. It may be that for quicker hotter burns, we may need to split. Will see how that goes.

The chickens are all doing well and have indeed slowed down as far as laying goes. Our reds are still in the tractor coop and will be for a bit – the intent being that we’ll move them into the larger chicken shed which has 6 birds in it right now already.

My own off grid project is working well, I have 180 total watts of solar panels but I”m actually only using 90 of them right now. For my current load, I don’t need any more than that. My plan is to take my office off grid but I’m not sure when I’ll get to that piece.

I cut the lawn for the last time on the weekend and took the deck off the tractor. Yesterday I put the tiller on it and tilled the garden to mulch up the leaves and what was left of the vegetables in there. I hope to till a much larger garden next year down on the other property and grow some ‘big’ stuff. Maybe some corn for fun, and sun flower seeds and such. Hm.. there must be an APP for that to tell me when to plant! will start looking.

Those are the big outdoors things

In other news, the comet ISON is coming up, getting close. Its supposed to whip around the sun on Nov 28/29 but should be visible on earth before that though not sure on specifics. We worship an awesome God who made the heavens and the earth and this should be a very interesting event to watch.


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