We are officially OFF oil! Woot! Our house that is, is off oil. We do have an oil furnace and hot water tank. The oil furnace though is rarely used, actually the thermostat is busted in it (another story). Last night I switched the oil fired hot water tank to an electric tank I was using as a boiler attached to our wood furnace.

So by that standard, we will no longer be using oil hopefully. Assuming no major issues which would require me to hook up the oil fired again… So now in the winter I *should* be able to turn off the breaker to the water heater and let the fire do its thing. When we’re in full heating season, the fire is going 24/7 and provides more than enough heat to keep the tank even above temperature. The goal will be to see if we can leave the electricity turned off to it during the heating season. Stay tuned for that experiment!

I like the idea because oil will just keep getting more and more expensive. Electricity as well no doubt but its at least potentially renewable and though it will increase in price, hopefully not as fast. In addition, electricity is the one thing I can start supplementing myself with solar so moving appliances to it is in the roadmap to an off grid house, or atleast a carbon neutral situation.

Apparently electricity is cheaper than oil for domestic hot water anyways so if all else fails we will save a few bucks on hot water. The immediate impact is that we’ll see the monthly hydro bill increase, the long term is that we won’t need to fill up our big oil tanks at 900 dollars a fill (lump sum payment required). Electricity by that standard is a much more easily budgeted for monthly expense.

While I can’t go 100% off grid tomorrow, I can move towards that today by simplifying stuff, doing what I can with what I have already to limit energy costs.

Love to be able to say we’re off oil. Wish I could save the same for fossil fuels in general but we still need gas for the car and propane for our stove… One day!

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