Seasons Change

Its fall, definitely fall. Temperatures are cooling off, 7 degrees this morning. The air is just plain cool outside. The firewood is slowing getting stacked inside – though I am behind a bunch in my cutting!

We were at Cudmores corn boil on sunday night and that was easily one of the funnest if not the most fun event we’ve been to all year. Just all part of enjoying being outside with the sunshine and the church family, food, hayrides, such a sense of community and just plain having a good time. There are few times in the year where you forget everything else and just have a lot of fun for 3 hours with 150 of your church friends.

In my head, it feels like it was SO good because it may be the last corn boil. My feeling is that we’re pretty close to the close of this world. Who knows, but its a question as to whether we will get to the next corn boil without the Lord returning first!

The fall time is the time to reflect on the year too, with thanksgiving coming up and all, we look at what we’ve done, accomplished, how the Lord has blessed us over the year. Prophetically its the time of year as well that finishes up the feasts for Israel, the fall is likely when the Lord will return (Rosh Hashanah ).

The marked switch in season for me is the wood heat season. When we actually hunker down the house, close the windows and start stoking that fire. Much of my wood is pretty wet though, even the stuff in our basement.. need to get a fire going just to dry it out down there a bit.

All in all, a good fall season. Not quite school season for us yet since Arden isn’t old enough yet. I’m sure though that will shift the complexion of the season as well.

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