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Hot off the heals of our FiddleFest and first official family camping weekend, I feel bloated. We pigged out like crazy. I did anyways. I feel like I’ve been eating junk food nonstop since we got back. After all,… we had all those bags of chips, chocolate bars and other goodies left over.

Gotta eat them before they go stale right?!

Seriously, we are such a blessed bunch, our family, and all those in Canada. Really endless food for the most part. We need to thank God for these blessings, while at the same time respecting what we do have an respecting our body as being the temple of the Holy Spirit!

How many times do you think about how blessed you are? For your house when it rains, for the sun during the day, for a cold glass of fresh water when you’re parched?

Thankfully for me, its always close to my mind. As we continue through the end days of the end of days, I think we need to be more and more thankful. Remember the economic collapse? Most have forgotten, news channels really haven’t spoken about it lately… Its coming! Capitalism by its very nature needs to correct and balance itself and right now there are FAR too many people living with FAR too much debt – us included. We need to get back to the idea of working and saving for what we purchase and that is really hard for me!

Anyways, before I start to ramble on, we are blessed. I’ve blogged about it before, I’ll blog again because its true and fresh every morning!

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