80 meat birds, a first experience

We got our 80 meat chickens. All 80 packed into the box the size of a monopoly board in terms of base. ¬†We’re relying mostly on the short experience (but longer than ours) of our neighbour who already has gotten 25 meat birds. THankfully he already had some custom stuff like a brooder box with heat lamps and stuff so we didn’t have to create much ourselves. These are pics of the chicks in the newly renovated barn. That floor there is fresh cut lumber, milled only a few days ago, it was sopping wet lumber, really heavy stuff. It had been a growing tree literally a week ago! Crazy when you actually think about these things. Most of us don’t really see or experience that transition. If we all did, it might make us want to conserve our forests a bit more.

[youtube twfAC6LqjSw]

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