Everyone needs 3 gas whipper snippers right..

Some UsedPEI adventures. So I was cruising UsedPEI.com today. As I do every couple of weeks. Always something interesting on there. I saw an add for a whipper snipper. Actually it was an ad for 2 for $50. I figured it would be gone by the time I called – voicemail was full, for sure its gone. So I emailed just to be sure.

Basically I told the guy i would take them, no bartering. I knew to get a working gas snipper would be $50 for one generally. He actually responded, turns out 4 other guys were interested, 3 offered  $40, one offered $45. So me at 50 won the deal!

It was in Summerside so we did a family road trip on this rainy saturday across the Island. I ended up getting 3 snippers for what I would consider the price of one working one. 2 apparently work, the third, not sure.

They guy just had the third sitting around and said, ‘hey, want this too?’ 😀

Love these transactions from UsedPEI and Kijiji! Always an adventure and you never know what you’re gonna get. And often, whomever you buy from has something else sitting in their shed they’re willing to give or sell you at the same time.

In other news, I got my tiller and blower attachment all painted up with yellow rust paint, as much as i could, need to turn over the blower. When I’m done, I’ll get some pics posted. All I need now is a larger shed for all this junk 😉


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