We were in Belfast (on the Island) this past saturday night and Sunday night. It was part of http://www.revivalinbelfastpei.ca . Which was great. During the sermon however I had the kids in their nursery. They had all the standard toys, LIttle Tyke stuff, Fisher Price, a cool homemade barn / doll house thing. What I liked though were their building blocks.

Nothing made in China there, they were cut up two by fours,in various sizes. I thought it was brilliant. Homemade blocks made from Canadian lumber that will last almost forever and the kids love it. Doesn’t make any difference if its coloured bright colours or has a label on it saying ‘fisher price’.  This is the kind of toy we need to get back to producing ourselves.

The New Glasgow Toy Factory does actually do this sort of thing though with a little more advanced wood toys:http://www.toy-factory.ca

I’m glad to be reminded of this sort of thing, I need to make some of this for our kids to play with.  Only thing is 2×4 blocks are a bit heavy for wood floors, they would end up being thrown around a bit… Maybe I’ll make some out of 2×2’s…

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