The Chicken Diet

chickenslayinghensNo, i’m not on a diet. HAH… I’d never go on a diet. As we tend to and care for our laying hens though, it makes me think that a chicken sort of diet would be excellent for us.

So we keep all our scraps for the chickens, we have a chicken compost container, and a regular compost container that the municipality picks up and a garden compost container (if there is anything left). So the first of the good stuff gets sorted into the chickens container, anything below them on the food chain including fish. Anything we can’t feed the chickens, stuff above them or unhealthy things we put in the regular compost or garden compost.

So as we sort, we look at the food we just ate, and decide which container it should go in. Its funny that a lot of our food, stuff WE consume is still not suitable for chickens. And I”m not just talking meat. Like we wouldn’t think generally cake with icing or smarties or dessert type things are good for the chickens so we don’t give that to them. Funny that its not good enough for chickens but it is for us as humans right?

I think thats an excellent giveaway that we shouldn’t be eating that stuff either… Hence the ‘chicken diet’. If we consider something not suitable for our chickens to eat which if they did would come right back to us in their eggs, why do we eat them?

Now we’re not going to give up birthday cakes and jelly beans just cause we wouldn’t want our chickens to eat it but it is indeed ‘food for thought’.

If you had chickens, what would you feed them and why? Great point to ponder on a lazy afternoon

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