its been a while since I posted last. I’ve been in Ontario for the week at the Logisense head office! I got to meet some of the new employees which is great and we had a great time out at the blue jays game, jays beat Boston red sox so that was nice or sure!

Ontario is where I was born and raised of course so I enjoy coming back, I miss the country side a bit but not enough to move back. The place to live, the place to grow, Ontari-ari-ari-ohhhh. remember that jingle thanks to ontario tourism or whatever from the 80s?

I’m sipping my nabob brewed hoten packet coffee, summit it is, nothing special. I miss the fresh roasted coffee I’m now spoiled and used to, nothing quite compares to freshly roasted and pressed coffee.

ill be glad to get home to the wife and kids (wow, so odd to say that), and get back to our normal life now with chickens and all sorts of things. its the exciting time of year in PEI when we start moving outside as the days warm up so I have a lot of work that we have planned to get done this year out there. cleaning up, fixing up the sheds, repairs on the house etc, etc.

should be a great year!

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