The evening clouds

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the view through the window tonight, the sun moving below the horizon. The mostly cloudy sky parted for a few seconds to provide a glimpse of the blue sky. Appears to be a satellite in the photo that I did’t realize was there. Must be a UFO…

Not sure what I was going to write tonight, just knew I had a picture to post 😛 Read my real bible this morning for devotions (and for those not versed in Christianese: daily bible reading). Its different, i’m always looking for a way to double click to highlight a passage and that ever elusive ‘share’ button on each page. Never do find that stuff when I read ye olde fashion NKJV text. Haven’t decided whether its more holy of me to read a real bible or not. One friend though has good thoughts on it. The reading of a real bible maybe doesn’t mean so much to me and might not be any better or worse than a digital copy of it, however those watching you – the little children, are paying attention. If they see you reading your REAL bible, well… you’re reading your bible. You probably don’t have a magazine stuffed in there that you’re reading.

However if you’re reading on your tablet or something, to them, you could just be ignoring them because you’re catching up on Facebook. They can’t see what you’re doing. So its a great example and I totally agree.

In other news, have you seen ALL the earthquakes happening lately? No, of course not. They don’t mention it much at all on the news. Though they did mention the large 6.6 or something in Iran, ironically enough right beside the town of Bushehr. Thats right, beside the country’s only nuclear power plant :S  … A sign from God?  Well… I don’t know what is. We are all so skeptical about everything these days. Certainly God used amazing natural things like that in the bible to do His Will. Did the folk all believe it was Jehovah God or just one of their gods that was mad at them?

Along the line of ‘the evening clouds’ I totally feel – and I’ve said it before – that we’re closing in SO quickly on that time when Jesus returns for His bride. And the ‘wars and rumours of wars’.. North Korea? Wow… And the ongoing and escalating Iran situation, and Syrias civil unrest which is a full blown civil war right now on Israels doorstep. There are literally countries on every side threatening somebody but mostly Israel with annihilation.

Sometimes I do wish I lived in a time when there wasn’t so much prophetic activity. Why you ask? I have so many things on this earth that I want to do, so many projects around the house, so many moments in life with my family such as camping, fiddlefest (hey, you going to it? Rollo Bay!). I want to take up fishing and play soccer with Jack and Arden on our big lawn. There are a lot of things keeping or that could keep my eyes horizontal, even looking downwards. Bible prophecy though is one that that just pushes me to lift my head, to look up and to realize we aren’t on this world forever. In fact we ARE the last generation now that Israel is a nation and we are in the last years of that generation that saw Israel become a nation – whether a generation means 40 years, 60 years 70 or whatever.

Come soon Lord! Oh, and I want to get a telescope and enjoy Gods creation more with all the stars we can see in the skies, and take more photos of the beautiful country side and amazing sites on the Island here.

I know overall though, Him returning will be better than that, and not just by a little bit, but by an unthinkable, incomprehensible amount, and we won’t even think of thinking of thinking about what we missed on this old worn out planet (the law of entropy applies here, go read it. It certainly does not support evolution!)

So when I look up into the sky or take a picture of it which I probably won’t ever look at again, I should also stop and wonder at Gods amazing creation and moreso realize that He has a plan in place to come back, create this world all over again, restore it to its amazing beginnings and bring in peace and security once and for all!


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