ADHD – My opinion on the matter

ArdenandMicahWas listening to a CBC radio broadcast yesterday and today about ADHD. Every time I hear people talk about it, it make me just think its all related to environmental factors. What do I mean by that?

Well, I think ADHD is potentially a ‘real’ issue but its only real because its brought on by our modern ‘efficient’ world.

Here are the causes of ADHD in my opinion:

  • lack of a healthy balanced diet each day
  • lack of proper exercise
  • lack of outdoors time for fresh air
  • lack of sleep / rest
  • lack of proper discipline by the parents
  • lack of proper direct quality attention between the kids and the parents


I think those factors added up are the cause. Its due to the rushed child syndrome (which Lindsey happens to be reading about – unrelated to this subject). Parents don’t have enough time to both spend with their kids just playing and also making healthy meals and ALSO being around to mentor, direct, discipline their kids.

There is a good reason kids 50 years ago didn’t have ADHD… they were too busy working on the farm or outside racing bicycles down hills and building tree forts to worry about being ADHD..

I’m sure this will ruffle some feathers. I sure hope my kids get ADHD to prove me wrong! In the mean time, I’ll be trying to spend time with them, feed them well and teach them what being a person on this planet is all about…

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One thought on “ADHD – My opinion on the matter

  1. Don’t tell my friends this, but I totally agree with you!

    My concern is that ADHD may become simply a label for “kids being kids”. All kids have tons of energy and a huge desire to learn, but our generation tends to be one of lazy and/or detached parenting. Labelling and medicating makes discipline and teaching much easier (I’ve seen it many times firsthand and been grateful for the medication!), but it still doesn’t take the place of good parenting, a healthy lifestyle, and energy outlets.

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