How To: create an exhaust for a range hood that has none

Here is my junkyard wars version of an exhausting range hood. Ours currently is one of those lame ones that just blows air right back into the kitchen (i know right, whats the point of that at all? Never made sense to me to install a rangehood like that…).

So currently as suggested it just pushes air it sucks up back into the kitch which, when boiling sap provides no help or escape for all the moisture being boiled off. Solution? An orange juise container and some extra 3 inch exhaust hose.

Below is what i did, cut some holes in the orange container so it would cover the existing louvers on the range hood, cut a hole in the end to plug in the hose, and ran the hose around the kitchen and into the stairwell to exhaust through an already existing 3 inch bathroom vent. So for now the bathroom vent is disconnected. It works and pushes 90% of the air and moisture outside!

Hey,.. If it works, who cares how it looks right?! 🙂

IMG_00000070 IMG_00000071

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