in this episode of ‘parts house’ i present to you the pressure tank that i scavenged yesterday. Ive had my eye on it for a while but finally went and grabbed it. a few times in our house i’ve had to adjust or repair our pressure tank which is an older bladderless model. Longish story, blogged on it before but google bladderless watertanks if you really want to learn about it.

‘Parts House’: this is the house that was on the extra property we purchased, its too old to be fixed / restored, but great for spare parts for our house!

Anyways, this one is a modern style unit as you might be able to tell by the bright blue colour. it has a rubber bladder and will make a perfect replacement for our existing water tank when it finally rusts out

More modernish water tank with rubber bladder
More modernish water tank with rubber bladder

For comparisons sake, here is the old one that is s till in use and works fine, it will rust out at the bottom eventually


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