I’ve blogged before about my netgear stora unit. for a while due to how much data I had I was running it in JBOD mode (which stands for just a bunch of drives). JBOD of course provides max space, I had two 1 terabyte drives in there currently. I really wanted to get back to the mirrored safety of RAID1. To do it though I had to trim out a lot of data on the macbook.

Almost 40 gigs worth of stuff I moved off the drive or purged. Just as well to clean it out a bit. My drive is down to a lean mean 414gigs and I have a new. backup plan in place. Timemachine or my WHOLE system backup and since its easiest to use for restoring and SuperDuper for specific files, photos, documents.. the key stuff sans the whole operating system.

I will I’m sure need to upgrade my drives to dual 2 TB (or maybe 3 TB at that point) but for now I’ll try and make due.

the only addition that would be nice with it is having 4 bays for more storge in a mirrored config.

Good fun managing and maintaining a good backup as any techie would admit.

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