When the power was out

Its always such an adventure when the power goes out. Its such a foreign world and experiences for us when it happens, and by us i mean all modern folk living in North America and other first world countries. What do we do when the power goes out? Our whole lives are run by electricity.

Its a great reminder of the luxuries we have when we do lose it. And this one only lasted 2.5 hours or so. Its certainly almost the end of the world when it does happen.

Well, we all went for a walk in the woods just for fun since the TV didnt work 😛 We actually did something together as a family apart from email and facebook. Lindsey always gets on a kick about having no tech tuesdays or something like that. I don’t think its quite an addiction yet for us, not me anyways but it would be very cool to be forced to live without power for a couple days… Just for fun you know.. See how we handle it 😉

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