A fickle tablet owner

I am pretty fickle when it comes to technology no doubt about it. I do get bored fast with status quo. Thats kinda why I gravitate towards companies that provide quick updates, new features and gadgets to play and tinker with and exciting things. In a way, thats why Apple is interesting. They bring out gadgets so fast what you bought a month ago is outdated this month. Its good and its bad and its certainly designed to keep the consumer consuming. Especially when you consider things like upgrades to say Mountain Lion. My ‘old’ 2010 macbook hardware was too old to get the update :(.

Speaking of updates, I got the playbook tablet thinking / hoping / expecting BlackBerry (formerly RIM) to launch BB10 on playbook at the Feb presentation of BB10 on their new cellphone lines. I figured we would at least get it within the month after … surely… since playbook already runs effectively the test bed version of BB10 (QNX OS). Its Feb 24th and though its only a few weeks after launch and you’d think I should be patient… they haven’t even mentioned an update for playbook yet :/ They did mention it before the bb10 launch suggesting that it would definitely make its way to playbook. But not a peep after. Its fine, they want to get up and running on the mobiles first, let the dust settle on that announcement and launch but hey, the waning playbook needs some love too. Its in third place in the tablet race, well, 4th now really since Microsoft brought out the Surface. Its in desperate need of attention and apps. The big apps they apparently promised for bb10, where are they? Flipboard being my personal favourite. And even if it does get to BB10, how come not a peep on when it will come to playbook?

There aren’t even any rumours of a build getting to developers to update their apps for playbook. Since no rumours of even devs getting it, we know that consumers getting it is that much further off 🙁 It suggests that even if they give it to devs tomorrow, we won’t see it for at least another month.

Another month might be OK but at least give the consumers something to look ahead to, some sort of launch date. Same thing for all the big name apps that they are no doubt paying big bucks for (instagram, Netflix, Flipboard, etc)

This is really a bit of a rant. It comes around to my fickleness. I’m getting antsy about it all. Should I wait for an announcement, or just give up and try an android tablet? I’m using flipboard for android on the playbook, and its goofy in its operation to say the least. If I’m going to use a second rate implementation (emulated android stuff on playbook) I might just as well get an android device and use them natively with all their functionality (alerts, vibration, reminders etc). See on playbook, they are hacked to get them to play, requiring a soft back button (to duplicate the back button functionality on android devices) and if you go to the advanced settings page on most of the converted apps, there are lots of things that aren’t specific to playbook since they weren’t originally created to play on playbook.

Even the bible app I use by youversion.com, though its pretty well, is a converted android app. How do I know? The little soft back button on it. It works, nothing wrong at all, but its not natively coded for PB.

The bigger overall gripe I have is the lack of proper IMAP folder support (no sub folders load with the native email app). Again, I should be grateful they have a mail app right? well in this day and age, you really need it. Apple did launch without proper support but soon added it. PB is more than a year old now and in fact they only got the email app a couple months ago let alone at launch.

I really want to support Canadian companies but I continue to fail to understand the thinking that went into some of the shortcomings of the device. Same thoughts for apple, as big as they are and apparently as smart technologically they are as a company, sometimes they made odd design choices as well (no SD slots, mini usb?)

But I digress.. hoping BB10 comes out soon so I can at least try it out, or sell it (maybe for a profit along with the buzz)

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