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I signed up for a while ago, its basically a social media network for bible readers. The site itself is standalone, allows for reading plans, daily, etc of different times, devotionals, or simply allows you to read the bible or use it for studying.

imagesIts integrates with bibles like Globible and it allows for sharing your thoughts on a devotional or daily reading or whatever. I had Globible on iPad, of course with playbook, its not an option (spent good money on globible too!). I enjoyed it, it was buggy though for daily reading. A number of oddities that just didn’t work right i found, such as the lack of ‘back’ button when reading it or having it register that you read something when in fact you just skipped to the last page to see how long the reading was for the day – it would register that as a completed reading… then if I get distracted and want to come back to it, its already advanced :/ And then the percentage complete bar on the plans would get out of whack, especially if you took longer than you were supposed to. It wouldn’t adjust the number of days to your reading speed or correctly calculate if you went over time. Harder to explain but just plain broken in actual fact when using it. It wasn’t unusable, I worked around it but hey, this is pretty base functionality and i would have thought they would have found all these bugs. Is it just me finding these bugs?

Anyways, on playbook I switched to using ‘Bible’ which is the YouVersion bible. The nice thing is that my reading plans are online so I can go to any device and see where I’m at. But thats not the point of this. So reading plans, first bug is that it doesn’t seem to like if I’m involved in two plans at the same time, the days complete get messed up a bit. Again, for this being really the most used feature, you’d think it would just work and be able to track it. Less bugs then Globible though. Sometimes it doesn’t track if you’ve checked off that you read a scripture, I ‘missed’ a day of reading due to that.

I seems to find all the bugs on these things and with thousands, tens of thousands of users and a number of years to mature, i would think they would have found all this. I guess I really can’t complain since its all free. And if its so annoying I could just do it myself with a real paper bible!

All in all, Youversion is pretty decent, slick interface and generally has the least issues i’ve seen in different products. ¬†You also get badges for completing plans and reading, which is a nice touch. Encouraging I think for a lot of people. For me my encouragement and badges are getting a back log of ‘completed’ plans. I enjoy seeing progress after a couple months of that.

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