The warm weather, not good for hot water


As I posted on facebook this morning, the temps are +10 out, the snow is all but gone, the river is running high from melt water and the grass is green.

Seems like its almost time to break out the lawnmower (wouldn’t I just love that right!). I didn’t even need to stoke the fire this morning. THe one problem is… I like it when its good and cold because it means I can keep the fire going and that means we’re getting ‘free’ hot water. When its warm, that means we’re going to be burning oil for hot water which isn’t ideal. Not only that, being not ideal really means that we now have to pay for hot water. Ok, you say, we paid for the wood. Sure enough, still, pretty sure its a lot cheaper to heat water with wood than oil.

Just checked temp again, its 11 out there now – crazy. Must feel like spring out there, I’d know if I got off my computer and stepped outside right?!

I have yet to post the pics of my blower and new (to me) tiller attachment. Along those lines though, the mild weather gets me thinking about how and whereI can use the tiller. Aside from a garden, one idea is to use it to smooth our path through the woods! Hadn’t thought about that before, me thinks that will be on my list of things to do. So fun living here with these 3 plots of land and ‘playing house’ with them.  It truly is the big version of a doll house, not that I like playing with doll houses, but you really get to do what you want. You only get out what you put in as they say. The other analogy I always return to is that its like building a tree fort. The fun is in the process. Its never fun once its complete… And with these properties, we’ll never be done so thats a tonne of fun.

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