work-in-progress1Kids take a lot of time, and energy.. and LIndsey does most the work as it is. Poor me, I don’t have much time to work on my projects. So many things I have to do and so little day light time to do stuff. Its taken up by feeding the kids, or just watching them, or eating supper after work (yes, I would totally rather do projects than eat 😛  ). I was able to spend a bit of time last night getting my gearbox together. I bought a gearbox from a guy over in Tyne Valley. I just had to switch the sprocket and the knuckle from my old gear box and get it on the new. Next is to clean the greaseless dirty gearbox itself and get it ready to put back on the blower. That part is pretty straight forward.

Next, I’m just waiting for snow… :/  Its -14 but basically no snow because it keeps getting up to above zero and melting. I imagine the snowmobilers are in a miserable state. Other projects are the furniture that sits in our basement waiting for.. sanding and cleaning. I sure was able to get a lot done before we had kids. Not that I don’t want to spend time with them but being a man, i feel completely useless not getting work done. And the enjoyment factor of finishing projects is lost when of course you can’t finish them. There is absolutely no end to child rearing and therefore that finishing enjoyment never comes with kids really. Its a different sort of enjoyment I guess.

As a man I guess I’m supposed to suck it up and not shirk my responsibilities… still… men are meant to use their muscles, move heavy things, build junk, get stuff done. I really believe women are made differently, not to worry about that sort of stuff in the same way.

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