The Quiet Leadup

images-2The quiet lead up to Christmas is in a kind of a way fun in itself. Part of the anticipation factor I suppose. This year its marked  by time spent watching kids, changing them, feeding them, ensuring they don’t maim themselves or others. Its also enjoyable to be in the frozen north over Christmas since you get ‘real’ winter here for the duration. Minus temps throughout, and snow etc. We moved to the wrong place (PEI) though if I always want minus temps and snow, as in PEI right now its hovering around zero with light flurries, and not much accumulation that i know of. Its fine though, we do get the cold temps for a couple days, -20 or so and thats fun. Last year a pipe froze overnight at those temps.

Here its -38 right now and no frozen pipes, this house is much MUCH better insulated than ours (ours has zero insulation in most of the walls 😛   )  The nice thing about ‘this’ north is that you truly do get a solid Christmas / winter season, long and cold enough for good snowmobiling and other winter sports.

Back at home our house is hovering around 15 degrees as thats where our thermostat is set (hopefully anyways, I’m assuming the furnace is working..). One thing I do like better about being further south is the snow fall, we get larger dumps of it which is more fun for getting snowed in, getting to use the snow blower and generally fighting to drive through the snow.

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