Yes its been 5 days since I last posted. No I haven’t been playing the WiiU 100% of the time since last post. I’ve been super busy otherwise, helping friends move,  cleaning the house, stacking firewood, being on worship team (sundays when one of us is on day and night means about 6 to 8 hours spent at church on a sunday) and also being a dad. Being a dad means my priority is to help and raise them so that cuts out after work time for gaming until about 8:30 or so. And that assumes I don’t then have a dishwasher to load, a fire to stoke, garbage to take out, or something to fix :/.  Was gonna say its a hard life but really its not compared to most in the world. We are blessed!

The WiiU – to jump right into my review which will consist of a few bullet points – is a ton of fun!

  • HD is fantastic! We only have a 24 inch HDTV on loan to us but the image is amazing, so much better than a cathode ray tube. SO glad Nintendo finally got on board with HD. And to their credit, we weren’t ready for HD until this year either so Nintendo knew their market as it relates to HD tv consumer penetration.
  • The gamepad is super cool, love playing games on it or the tv and being able to switch. In the short time I’ve had it, its already come in handy. The ability to NOT hog the TV when playing means that you get a lot more gaming done, otherwise you’re fighting with whomever else is around.
  • The gamepad range is very limited. I can’t take the gamepad up to bed and game from there though as the crow flies its only 35 or 40 feet..  line of sight works, but I can’t get too far from our living room and have it keep working. If it had say the range of a WIFI device, that would be amazing. WIFI in our house is available everywhere and then some in our house from one AP. The flexibility to lie in bed, or go downstairs or out on the porch with the gamepad would be incredible, if not for gaming then at least for things like youtube
  • The youtube app is really lame. You can’t switch screens and watch on the gamepad. It requires you to view videos on the TV – which I would agree is the main point of it – but if they wanted to really bite into the tablet market they should have leveraged the ability to do anything and everything on the gamepad itself
  • Email – there is no email client app. Not yet anyways. Its not huge but hey, if people could get email pings from their gamepad, that would be one more thing to remove me from carrying around my iPad. Really hoping someone builds an app for that on the eStore
  • the eStore is super slim on titles. sure its a new console but man there isn’t much out there
  • The ability to download games instead of buy game discs is HUGE. We have wireless controllers which can turn on your TV and console wirelessly but you still have to get up to switch game discs… not anymore with the downloadable full size games! Plug in a USB external drive and you can store all your games there. No more scratched discs, opening and closing disc cases or kids playing with them. That is revolutionary to me. Its like the moment when we got IR remotes for TVs and we didn’t have to get up to switch channels anymore. Same feeling. One downside is that once the game disc is purchased, you can’t then install it – not yet anyways. So i’ll have to keep switching for the 2 games I have now. I likely won’t purchase any more discs if the same game is available for download!
  • battery life is decent. I’m lucky if I get 2 hours a day to game, so battery life at 2.5 hours is plenty for me. And if you get low, the charging cable is pretty non intrusive, you can game while its charging so no problem there.
  • My wife loves it so far with the limited time shes had with it.
  • Miiverse is very close to actually being a really good app that will stand the test of time. Time as always will tell but as long as nintendo doesn’t sit back and let it age, it could be the killer feature here… at least until the full TV service comes out (that comes in December)
  • oh and the IR functionality to turn on and off our TV doesn’t work, no codes for our RCA 🙁 Ohwell, still need to use the system remote for that one..

I still believe Nintendo got it right here and I’m just having a lot of fun with it as a gamer again.

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