WiiU delivery update

My WiiU shipment is showing signs of action today as I received another email from ToysRUs confirming the order. No actual shipping detail yet though… hoping that since something is updating their system today – due to the email – that it means they are processing units from a new shipment that was supposedly arriving yesterday. Heres hoping!

The delivery is expedited Canada Post. Don’t know if it can get here by the weekend, so hope it does! Don’t want to wait a whole other weekend for it ­čśŤ ┬áReally though, 1 week after launch, its not really a hardship, I should just be thankful that I’m able to get it and enjoy it!

There are advantages too, less load on the servers that provide the initial download that is required, a massive 5 gigs! thats going to take all night for me to download. Plus I’ve learned that it can do a background update so you can play Nintendo Land for example while it downloads if you initially say NO to the update. So thats cool! And something I wouldn’t have known.

Another interesting bit aside from all this is that it apparently upscales Wii games. Now if true, I have zero idea why Nintendo wouldn’t have announced this… seems like a bit PLUS! So I hesitate to believe it even though more reports are coming out. why wouldn’t you market something like that? But then Nintendo has always been odd with how and what they market. Oh well.

As I wait (not real patiently) I have time to really see the blessings we have, the abundance, the wealth overflowing. I think its at least our duty to acknowledge that before God and indeed man so that we know where we stand and for what blessings we should thank God.

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