WordPress Stats to date

For those interested, which is likely nobody but me, here is a pic of my wordpress stats. Comments to Posts doesn’t seem to bad hey! On my way to 1000. Its was one of those things I didn’t know if i could keep up. Turns out i have a lot of junk / things that interested me in my head and at my finger tips, enough to effectively  (or not effectively as the case may be) comment on just about every subject under the sun – at least those I deem interesting 😛

And the word count, hey thats a good number of college papers me thinks.

January 2009 is when i started blogging;note: not when i started my website. My first site was created in 1996 or something… check out the web archive (archive.org, aka, the ‘Wayback Machine’) for all the oldest screenshots and virtual history of the web.

This post has already been read 1592 times!

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