Where have all the guitar solos gone?

We often listen to music in the car when on our way into town or something. I love the east coast music, the fiddles, the banjos, etc. all good stuff. For top 40 hit radio though there is basically only 80s music- and you're correct, that's not top 40 at all… But it used to be… Maybe.

Anyways, what I like about that music among other things are the guitar solos. 80s rock music has lots of solos. I ts almost a prerequisite for rock music of that time. I've wondered where that's all went in the 'new' music.

I'm thinking of solos in songs by queen, Metallica, guns n roses. And so many more. Did it go out of style?

I miss it. To me the newer songs don't seem as inventive or fresh..but maybe I'm stuck on a particular style.

Here are some solos from queen. Good stuff!


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