How do delete your facebook account

I’m no expert at deleting facebook but I thought I’d consolidate some knowledge for people looking to either delete their account or limit their exposure should facebook do something crazy like posting your messages on your timeline (which apparently they didn’t actually do, it was only old posts as I hear).

Whether or not Facebook makes a mistake or a bold unannounced move it doesn’t matter. If you’re trusting a big organization NOT to be evil (google fans out there?) then you’ve misplaced your trust. Their interest is money. Ad sales, marketing, and… well thats really it. Your data consists with hundreds of millions of others on facebook which together are incredible datasets to mine for trends, purchasing likes and dislikes and it provides the ability to direct market to YOU via ads on Facebook, not to mention tracking lots of things like where you surf and such. Google does it for sure, and facebook does it when you click on a link in Facebook. (if you think they aren’t watching every click you make, you’re kidding yourself!) Even images you hover over they can track, and if you stay on a page too long or a length of time, they know you’ve looked at a page a little longer then some other page on Facebook.

SO… knowing what you’re doing with your social media data is a whole topic. To the meat. You know how to delete messages, you can do it one by one.. great.. not great, you want to batch delete.

Here is a google chrome extension which allows you to delete ALL from your messages:How to Bulk Delete Facebook Messages In An Instant

Facebook does not give us a delete all button. We have to individually go from message to message one by one, and even the most fastidious organizer will admit that it’s a bit too much. Enter the Facebook Fast Delete Messages Chrome extension. It adds a button in Facebook messages pages to fast delete them.


How do you delete posts? THere are apparently some scripts you can get, some work, some don’t. For the most part its a very manual process (read about it here:

Here are the greasemonkey script links:

In this screenshot, you can see that my Facebook wall is full of test Wall posts, but Wall posts nonetheless. I could easily select each one and hit ‘Delete’ but this will take forever, especially if you have a profile stretching years back.

If you are lucky enough to not have enabled the new timeline, then you have saved yourself a great deal of time — should this method work for you. If it does not, then never fear. There are other options you can explore.

1. For this, you need to be running Firefox as your web browser, and not Chrome. It’s not clear why the ‘magic button’ does not work on Chrome, but it doesn’t.

2. Head to the Mozilla Addons pages from your Firefox browser. You should be looking at a script called Greasemonkey.


Want to delete your account? Here is where you start, this link does the FULL delete: . Read the fine print though, one method is where you ‘close’ your account but facebook keeps a copy JUST in case you want to come back… thats not the correct option obviously.  The one linked there *should* fully delete it. Also, there is an option to first download your data. You can get a copy of your data here:

You can download your information from the Account Settings page.

  1. Click the account menu  at the top right of any Facebook page
  2. Choose Account Settings
  3. Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
  4. Click Start My Archive

Because this download contains your timeline information, you should keep it secure and be careful when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.


There ya go. These are the current options for purge your account or deleting altogether. I’ll be first purging messages since those would obviously be the most sensitive.  If you have posts that you’d like to forget about and ensure everyone forgets about them, you can do that too but so far I haven’t found  a quick way without deleting your account and starting all over.

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