A fussy morning

Here is the typical morning image, fussy eating her toast (fresh baked in our breadmaker OF COURSE … 😛 ) and her melk. Phonetically speaking that is. The window is open and the 'men' as fussy calls them are outside with chainsaws putting one half of the bridge back together – this project apparently will stretch for another couple weeks. Not sure how close they are to actually repaving the one side and starting on the other lane.

Its cool out. 16 degrees this morning, not cold enough for a fire this day. Supposedly getting a bunch of rain from whats left of hurricane Isaac.

This is all the current news from Wheatley River.

I'm currently building what is turning out to be a bit of a sun shed / greenhousy sort of thing. It started out as a need for some extra roofing on my shed but with the lack of roofing material, I figured I”d make use of all those storm windows which are otherwise rotting away. So the roof will be windows, and the sides… maybe doors. There are a number of extra doors on our other property in the shed there.

My next time sensitive project is to make a bracket for my snowblower attachement for my bolens. No idea how I'll fabricate that, I hardly ever know how my projects will take shape until I start creating them. I don't do a lot of design before hand other than picturing what I want in my mind and what the result is always differs greatly from the final product. Stay tuned for pics of that for sure!

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