My Carbon Neutral Footprint

Today we planted 3 trees. What does this mean? Well, according to one site (Link) we are now carbon Neutral for 2 months. They, based on their example, (which seems to be similar in most ways to what we do) suggest I would need to plant 18 trees every year. Planting 3 means that I’m neutral carbon-wise for 2 months. joy..

Have you ever considered what you would need to do to be carbon neutral? It doesn’t keep me up at night really. I would be happy to pay higher prices for locally made natural wood toys of things of that nature as that would lower the carbon emissions where it mattered, ie in big industry that makes all the stuff we’re used to buying. All the processing and manufacturing of good, and transport etc. Likely the biggest factor though to rising carbon in the atmosphere is deforestation.

Check out the wikipedia article on it: (love Wikipedia as you’ve likely noticed)

About half of the world’s original forests had been destroyed by 2011, the majority during the previous 50 years.[citation needed] Since 1990 half of the world’s rain forests have been destroyed.[citation needed] More than half of the animal and plant species in the world live in tropical forests.[2]

Here is a good vid of the amazon rain forest where land is being cleared. All in the name of progress and these people should have the right to do that as well, seek opportunity, make the most of the land they live in. but.. it comes to a point where they simply shouldn’t get the same opportunity as us, or the people before us. Why? Well because the people before cut TOO much down and now everyone is suffering. I could be considered to be on the receiving end of that. Here in PEI, its a great example. There is almost zero old growth forest left, all of it was chopped down for ship building, lighthouse building or simply firewood.  What is left currently are lots and lots of wide open fields. Not much for large forested areas anymore, lots of little sections but nothing real expansive like in New Brunswick for example. I for one would love to have a wood lot but to find more than a half acre of wood is hard. To find 5 or 10 acres of viable woodlot, well that is almost impossible near the center of the Island. Such is life, I need to do my part though and start planting and allowing the forest to grow instead of cutting it all down and that is for the most part what we intend to do with our new piece of property.

[youtube oBIA0lqfcN4]

So after all that, what did we actually plant? An Apple tree, a sugar maple and an ash tree. We plan to have a bit of an orchard, with apples, maybe some pears and other fruits, a cherry tree,…. We hope to have a fruit grocery store in our backyard!

Oh, and coffee plants. I hope to grow some coffee plants 🙂 Wish me luck on that one!


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