Pound at a time, oven style

Havent blogged about roasting coffee in a while. My most recent bag of green is Costa Rica Tarrazu. I’m not one (yet) to have a full expression of nuanced taste vocabulary RE roasted coffee but I can say that I do seem to like it more after its been sitting for more than a few days. Usually I drink it next day but a few times over the last couple weeks it had sat for a while as I roasted a bit more than usual to ensure I had enough for when family was over. I found the flavour really showed itself when it sat for a good 4 or 5 days. Things you learn as you roast your own coffee!

I’ve also switched primarily to oven roasting, not for the roast so much as for the capacity. I started roasting a half pound at a time in the oven which was far more than my popcorn maker would do (2 ounces). In a pinch, and to get coffee roasted for family who were leaving the next day, I started roasting 1 pound at a time in the oven and it worked really well actually all things considered. So now I’m doing a full pound every time which gives me enough that its a lot easier to let it sit there before I need to grind it which should provide me a more broad range of flavours I think.

It also gives me an idea of what I could roast in one batch on the Behmor 1600 when I get he money to purchase one. It saves so much time over roasting 1/2 a pound at a time. I can definitely see the advantage of an even larger scale roaster however those are priced well out of my price range. With a 3.3 pound roasting unit going for about $6000!

So there ya go, you too can roast a pound at a time in your oven.

  1. Just set it to 450F, preheat of course
  2. place the beans on a flat pan evenly
  3. get the RoastMaster app for your IOS device to track the timing 😉
  4. after the first 4 minutes, stir the beans
  5. stir after every 3 or so minutes after to ensure a more even roast
  6. after about 18 minutes (a couple minutes longer than it takes to roast a 1/2 pound) remove the beans
  7. take them outside and pour them from one container to another and let the wind take the chaff away

Thats all I do! Easy, just takes time and some patiences and you have fresh roasted coffee every morning.

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2 thoughts on “Pound at a time, oven style

  1. I miss that coffee every morning! It was such a treat to have fresh bread and coffee waiting for us when we woke up. 🙂 I highly recommend Hotel Gallant. We’ll have to start “importing” coffee from the Island…

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