Its raining today, first time for a real wet day in a few weeks at least I think. We only had sprinkles before. This one though not huge is sticking around, everything is at least well moistened and its been misty for a lot of the day. Great for our grass and great for farmers though likely the farmers would like an even greater soaking of their crops.

With the rain comes lots more mowing in a couple days as the lawns spring to life again (we usually have to mow weekly as it usually rains at least that often).

The title though doesn't REALLY apply as the latter rains by definition are actually in the spring time. Here is an excerpt from some teaching material I found online:

Unless one finds the origin of a subject, one will invariably arrive at illogicalconclusions. Such is the nature of the theme we are about to illustrate. In fact, it wouldbe difficult to find another topic so nearly wrenched out of shape. We find reference tothis topic at James 5:7: “ Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of theMaster. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, andhath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.”

Here the early and latter rain represent firstly the rain of seed time at plantingand secondly the rain of ripening before the harvest: the first fell in Judaea about thebeginning of our November after the seed was sown; the second toward the end of ourApril as the ears began filling out in preparation for the full harvest, as their cropsdeveloped during the winter and early spring.

Most prophecy guys, ok all pretty much would agree we're closer to the latter rains biblically, escathologically speaking. And its obviously less about rain and more about the pouring out of the Holy Spirit near the end of this timeline (considered to be the age of the church). The pouring out (latter rains) come just before harvest to help the crop grow just that extra bit and to ripen ready for harvest.

My limited worldview and knowledge tell me that I've not seen a total out pouring as I would expect but I do live in a flatline society for the most part spiritually so I don't see the amazing things happening in the other parts of the world. Being that the 6 day / thousand year thing seems to line up with the age of the earth and other things that God weaves into the bible in terms of symbols and queues, it seems likely that if any time were a good time to be the end of days, this would be a good time. I'm looking for not only the latter rains but the build up to some of the large prophetic events. Since my last prophecy update, Syria was the big news. It still is, and Iran is getting larger in the news every day as Israel has almost promised to strike soon with Iran showing zero movement on the nuclear front, infact if anything they appear to be accelerating the bit for the weapons.

Things to watch for, evidence of the latter rains, the middle east battles that are aligning nations in such a way as to fit bible prophecy exactly as its detailed in Ezekiel for example, for the one world government formation (after a world economic collapse maybe?? perfect timing right!), and also signs in the sun, moon and stars. I think we're due for some major signs in the heavens, I think we've seen some, but they are only birth pains at this point, small, written off as anomolies or even said to be common occurences.

This is a great time to be a 'watcher' as they say, looking for the return of Jesus to the world. Not to destroy it but to reign as king and to judge the world for sin (no way to put icing sugar on that).


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