Solitude is subjective. At least,.. it is for this blog. Lets look up the actual definition shall we?

“the state or situation of being alone”

That came from the ever handy but rarely used ipad define option when a word is blocked. It describes my situation right now as I write this blog from the comfort and relative calm of our NEW master bedroom. See we moved our bedroom to the 'back' side of our house for a number of reasons, tad larger, quieter, possibly warmer in winter, etcetera, etcetera…

See its 11pm and a van load of kin have arrived with bags, and hungry children. So I get to hide away in said relative quiet and calm and slowly get ready for bed. Its been a long day and week apart from getting the house ready for visitors with websites and lots of work at 'real' work. And after all the paying jobs are done, I have the household things like vacuuming, looking after the little ones and also the outdoor work of cutting up 8 cords for the winter, and keeping up with the lawn mowing and various land maintenance that needs to be done.

Thankfully the priorities are easy enough to pick out and those that arent are just the sort that can wait almost indefinitely until.

Which brings me back to the few minutes of solitude. I'm enjoying it while I can, which, having said that is rare. Not rare that there is a chance to 'can', rather rare that I take the opportunity to enjoy it or reflect on it!

There, thats my solitude blog. One less blog bucket list word association piece.


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