Bible prophecy update for July

There is so much news happening and general tensions that everything blurs together and what would be news isn't considered sensational enough to make the cut anymore. We are so desensitized to the middle east troubles that one story runs into the next and its just one big uprising that never ends, deaths that keep mounting and stories of an international community that keeps talking, endlessly and seems to never actually do anything.


The current interesting event if Syria and has been for a while. The bible speaks of the destruction of Damascus and that seems to be the next event on the horizon.

See here where I speak about Ezekiel 38 a bit:

Basher Assad is almost fallen due to the uprisings, he is surrounded in Damascus where there is heavy fighting. There is lots of talk of foreign forces going in to stop the bloodshed. Israel is also on guard as any escalation against Assad from outside will prompt him to attack Israel (he has stated that). Why do they all threaten to hit Israel when worried about an attack? Well it's satanic first off, and it's the weaksot in the middle east inane way of thinking about it. It's the closest large target t hat those nations have a chance of hitting when they can't hit the US directly.

Also Russia and Iran and china have effectively decided to back Assads Syria against NATO or other forces that would want regime change in the country. Russian troops are on the ground there as well as British and American forces already. Special forces right now that is. How long will the killing go only Assad knows. Syria is the big story right now. I suggest you all follow world news there and see for yourself if you can find Syria in bible prophecy!


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