Wooden food and chalk

Our house is now almost overrun with wooden toys. From cars, trucks and busses, to a wooden easel and a full crate of wooden food including bread, cucumber, pear, tomato and watermelon.


The general theory being that more wooden / natural toys are better than chemically based plastic toys which can have all kinds of crazy stuff in them. Plus, wood never really ages whereas plastic toys really do get old in look and function as they get broken. Wood seems to last much longer and even is useful for a few generations of kids

As toys fill the living spaces I find real wood toys also blend in and generally look and feel much more except able to be laying around then their plastic equivalents, as if they are works of art in a way.

Speaking of great wooden toys, don’t forget to support the toy factory in New Glasgow by purchasing all of your toys there: http://www.toy-factory.ca/ourstory.html

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2 thoughts on “Wooden food and chalk

  1. This entry is full of crazy autocorrect words! I’m not quite sure how to “supper” a store. It’s really not “except able!”

  2. there weren’t actually that many auto correct mistakes. Only two that I saw and fixed. Thats what I get for writing blogs on the iPad.

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