UsedPEI Email Scam – Beware!

I’m selling a few things on (part of I get emails from ALL kinds of people with all kinds of grammar, spelling, sentence structure and lack of. From one word emails like ‘pics?’ to the long life story emails.

This past week though I got a real curious email. Two in fact, one for an organ we have for sale and the other for my bolens tractor. The emails look a tiny bit suspicious, but not like a bot or something, so I answered, told them the asking price (even though its in the ad). Even sent my address (which is common with used PEI, people want to come look at the thing before they buy it. No I didn’t tell them my bank number or something like that, I’m keenly aware of security type answers they might be looking for like date of birth, middle name or whatever).  It all looked legit, but the guy didn’t respond in a normal manner. When I requested more info because I was getting suspicious,  he finally said he’s from Alberta. The suspicion came in when he said he would take the organ, and the other one straight up, and would send me a money order and send a company out to get it. Who does that? but then, its a cool antique organ, maybe there IS a rich old person looking for a unique piece of furniture. It was mostly plausible.

Here is the original email (read from bottom to top):

On 2012-06-07, at 9:58 AM, Ledford David wrote:


Thanks for the fast response to my inquiry,i’m  serious about the
purchase of it and i’m ready to issue fast payment for it, i’m okay
with  your
selling price oof it and i don’t want you to bother yourself
about the shipping, i have a shipping company that will be handling
the shipment down to my residence as soon as the  payment has been
made.Your payment will be made via Certified Money Order  Drawn from my
bank account over here in Canada ,which will contain both the asking
price and the shipping charges which you will via the shipping
company, No shipping arrangement will be made until the money is fully
cleared and cashed by you at your bank,then you will be sure of
payment.So i will need your Full payment and mailing information in
order to get the Money Order mailed to you, such as
Full Name:
Full Address:
Postal code
Tel #:
As soon as this is received the money order will be mailed out to you
with no further delay and the purchase can be completed.
I await your email,

David Ledford.

The images show most of its condition. Its playable, it is old too.

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On 2012-06-06, at 3:41 PM, Ledford David wrote:
Good day to you and thanks for your fast response,i am interested in
buying it from you,also i will like to know the current condition of
it,also How much are you willing to sell it,i will be expecting your
fast response so that i can schedule arrangement for time to come and
observe  and also arrange payment for it
I hope to hear from you soon
RegardsDavid Ledford

On 6/5/12, Micah Gallant <> wrote:

yes, its available. let me know if you’d like to see it.


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On 2012-06-05, at 12:58 PM, wrote: says: Good day to You,Do you still have it for sell


 Does that look like a scam to you? So.. I thought it was odd,.. but Ok, I played along. Then today I got another email about my bolens tractor (and people don’t just buy bolens no questions asked. They are usually enthusiasts. Its not the tractor you get if you just want a daily driver of a lawn tractor…
Here is the email, bottom to top again:
       Thanks for the swift response. Your asking price sounds good to me. Presently, am out of town on a business trip. Payment will be made via Money Order or Canadian Certified Check, pick up will commence by my shipping agent once payment is received by you and cleared at your bank. Email back the requested details for payment to be sent out asap:
The payment will be mailed out asap and will arrive within 3-5 business days at your mail box. I will keep you posted once payment is sent out while date and time of pick up will be arrange between you and my shipper once payment is received and cleared at your bank. Thank you.
On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Micah Gallant <> wrote:

650 obo.

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On 2012-06-17, at 11:48 AM, “” <> wrote: says:
> Hello
>   please is advert still available if still kindly email me your asking price thanks.
See where I might have been tipped off to a scam? Similar emails, similar ‘no questions asked, will pay what you want’ response and request for address, phone number, and the payment is on the way.
I’ve never seen anything like this in my life and I’m see a lot of spam, heard and read about lots of phishing attacks and social engineering schemes. I’m still not sure of the gain here… so they get an old organ that they might get $50 for? They get a bolens tractor that is hard to sell unless you find a specific bolens enthusiast? Or do they sell the bolens as scrap metal for $30?
Or is the scam just for fun? Very odd. Have you experienced this? Beware of similar emails. Never give out sensitive info that could be used to get access to bank accounts like security questions!
Address and phone number I get, i give that out all the time to people looking to buy the stuff I have for sale on
Maybe its just an automated email (though it doesn’t read like artificial intelligence at all)… is it just to annoy people and nothing happens or does a moving company come and request whatever was for sale? I’m sure I won’t see the money but i’ll play this game to the end for sure…
We’ll see what happens.
I confirmed the stella cole one was a scam just by googling it:
The used everywhere link came up with another service user commenting on the article that they got an email from stella too 😛

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