Lawn Mowing Season Has Begun

So pumped about the lawn mowing season. I’ve blogged about it before and every year I’m excited all over again. This year of course I’m trying out my ‘new’ 1968 Bolens. So far, I’ve burned through 2 belts, granted they were really old. I finally went and bought a brand new one which I think fits so I’m interested to see how long that lasts.

The Bolens 1054 is a double belt setup, 2 for drive and 2 for PTO so 4 total strapped to the engine. However, because its not the original engine on it, its not aligned correctly so it only accepts 1 belt per pulley, i.e. 1 for drive and 1 for PTO which means they burn belts faster. Also, because its not aligned, it wears a bit more as well. But the guy said he mowed his lawn all last year with it so I’m hoping a brand new belt will last at least a year. I’ll be using it year round too. (snowblower in the winter, pulling firewood the rest of the year).

I really enjoy getting out there and mowing on a nice sunny day. You get some work done, the lawn looks lovely and even, you burn some fossil fuel (fossils from dinosaurs and all manner of beast that lived along side us hundreds of years ago), and you get some fresh air.

Why aren’t I out there now? Well, I’ve been interrupted in writing this blog a few times having to take care of kids. Oh for the day when they are old enough to get out of bed themselves, find food, clothing.. etc.. And then I can go work in my shed. Every dads dream right?!

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