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Fatherhood has been realized this week, well the last two really. Not because we have  a second child though. For me it

seems to have really started because we had to start disciplining Arden. It was an amazingly quick turn of events. Before Jack we really didn’t have a lot of attitude issues or social behaviour issues, at least we didn’t see it. Ever since we brought Jack home, and likely from a combination of things, Arden has really been screaming, being belligerent, disobedient and generally squirmy. She has even started hitting! ?

Everything changed in her world so its likely all very normal. Still, its really sad for us because it means she isn’t a baby anymore and that she now needs discipline whether that means time outs or a spanking. We haven’t quite fully figured out what we’re doing, since honestly we never had to deal with this prior to Jack, but we’re getting advice from others

including grandma and granny. Its an interesting road to travel but also heart breaking in a way. We don’t want to discipline Arden, we don’t want to see her cry or in a way almost be scared of us. We want her to be free to do whatever she wants but obviously whatever she wants now is sometimes unacceptable or even harmful to her. Its a bitter sweet milestone. She is growing up and this is the first time we realized it probably, for me anyways.

I wish there was a magic pill that would allow them to be totally free of rules yet not stray outside of those rules. Funny

right cause thats probably just how God feels about each of us as He needs to correct us.

I really hope this phase of discipline every day changes to occasional disciplining, i.e. I’m hoping she learns in the next few weeks!

Feel free to post your suggestions for us on how to parent, any advice is welcome! How did you handle your kids at 2 years of age??

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  1. Oh boy ! The next few years will be full of challenges for you for sure as you learn your style of discipline and how Arden best responds!! I understand where you’re at as zach is 2 next week and tries to copy his 6 yr old brother for everything!! They truly do grow up too fast so treasure all those unique moments and write them down if you can! We use a combo of discipline types but for 2 I think spanking works best it’s swift and pretty quickly they do learn what “not” to do. I especially use it for out right defiance or when it’s something g that puts them in danger. We’ve use a combo of discipline ideas from several good authors: Kevin leaman, James Dobson and we just finished a small group study on “how to effectively parent in a defective world”-I highly recommend that last one the video is great and really gets u thinking as parent what to really do for discipline and what God tells us to do in the Bible. Good luck in your next adventure in parenting-I always find I learn new things with each new corner we turn!

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