Wood Fire Warmth

Often I just write stuff that comes to mind. This morning, this rainy grey morning provides a chilly reminder that this house needs a heat source and that heat source this morning as for most of the cold / cool season is the wood furnace.  I find it can be 20 degrees in here but still feel chilly mostly because of the moist air. The wood furnace burns right through that and really makes the house ‘feel’ warm when its soggy outside.

I’ve only been bringing in a couple days worth of wood at a time. Really I’ve been hoping that it will be warm enough to stop putting the fire on 😛 Its not yet and really probably will be cool into June sometime. We may burn through the rest of our pile of wood after all. I was hoping we would have lots left over.

Regardless, I enjoy the wood heat and even the smell of the fire is comforting in a way. Its one of those smells that you don’t mind in the house.

Which reminds me,  I need a furnace filter again…. why don’t they make K&N air filters for furnaces that you just rinse off? Hm… maybe they do, I need to check into that!

One thing I do need to do is keep better track of how much wood we burn. If we burned pellets, I’d know exactly how many pounds of pellets we went through so I could see from year to year how much we burn. When you’re talking about cords of wood, its a bit more of a guestimate. We go through about 10 cords a year but it would be nice to get a real exact number there so I could determine if my ongoing house sealing works (I find holes that need filling every year). And I would love to get that down to 8 somehow but that won’t happen until we do some serious wall insulating. Oh well, I shouldn’t worry about that right now!

Summer is coming and I’ll soon have another 8 cords of 8ft length lumber to get cut up. I do enjoy it though, good exercise!

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