So God is a god of big things and small things. Right? He doesn’t keep count, or divvy out a certain amount and say ‘thats it’.

I was driving my bike in first gear down each side of our road, I somehow somewhere lost my right side passenger foot peg… Must have happened when I was riding in sub zero temps, the frame must have warmed up enough to loosen its grip on the bolts holding the foot peg. As I was driving, I was thinking, is this a good time to ask for Gods help? You know, when you ask God to help you find that lost ‘thing’.

But then I thought, I’d better not waste a ‘please help me’ on this item, since tomorrow i might have a bigger item I need help finding or doing … and I carried on looking. 10 minutes later, it dawned on me, thats a pretty stupid way to view God. :/ God is happy and wants to help us when we ask, and there is no limit on that, why would I want to ‘save’ my wishes for when it really matters? It really doesn’t make any sense when you come to think about it, God loves us and wants to help us with big things and small things a million times over and more. There is no limit to His love and grace. All He wants is for us to simply ask.  I’ve never thought about it that way, I’ve always thought.. hm.. do I want to  ‘spend’ one of my wishes today on this item? Or save it for the next big thing where I REALLY want God to help?… thats really limits God when you think about it and makes zero sense..

Bit of a rant, bit of an idea, a thought as I was looking. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I didn’t really ask for help either. Now not that God will ALWAYS answer but more often then not He does.

That is all.

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One thought on “My Three Wishes

  1. Hi Micah, your Dad and I enjoyed your thoughtful comments. I agree that our awesome God is bigger then any thing and yet His desire is always to hear from His beloved children. Nothing is too big or small, His ear is always turned to us.
    Thank you for sharing,


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