Loss of respect? Mystery?

More thoughts on the facebook revolution and the digital life we all live these days.

I was wondering how it would play into how our kids think about us, how they respect us or see us as authority figures. Example, if kids now can add you to their friends list and look up effectively everything you’ve done for the past 15 or 20 years, how does that play into their respect for you? If 15 years ago you did some crazy stuff and it was all recorded on facebook, would that help or hinder your parenting? What would your kids think about it learning of your past from facebook rather from you?

My dad for example lived an apparently completely different life before he got married (and before he became a christian). Now we heard stories but what would it be like if we could see youtube videos of his life before mom with his long hair and motorcycles and all that go along with that? What if we had detailed high resolution images and all his friends comments on his photos and even were able to see all the photos his friends tagged him in? That would certainly provide a different image (whether for bad or for good) of him. Many would probably say that that wouldn’t hurt his image in his kids eyes, and maybe it wouldn’t. Maybe it would just fill in details that we already knew? I tend to think its better to hear some of the stories and not be exposed to photos and vids that he may regret now, or ones which he would just rather leave in the past.

I know for me there definitely are events and such that just don’t need to be brought up again. sure, maybe you tell your kid a story or two to provide insight but to have EVERYTHING out there for them off the bat to browse and make their own opinions on and such? Thats a much more scary prospect.

I haven’t come to the cross roads where i had to decide yet what to leave up and what to leave as more of a mystery for my kids. Its not that you want to misguide them on your past, but I do think its a better idea to give them information in stride, at the right time when they can handle it, or when they are ready to ask about it. For me, that time won’t come for another few years until Arden is ready to join social networks (will facebook be around in 10 years??)

This is just such a new area and I’m really hesitant about leaving all that up there for them. Old photo albums and film strips are one thing, comments, youtube vids etc are totally another and its really made me think and rethink what my digital life is saying, especially to those who didn’t grow up with me.

Its an interesting thing to think about, and maybe a little overwhelming, we’re pioneers in that sense.

Will there be any mystery to us anymore with access like this for our kids? Will there be less respect knowing in high resolution detail what WE did growing up, maybe it will serve as a good example that we know what we’re talking about cause we’ve been through it? So many questions.

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