The snow finally cometh.

 We’ve finally gotten 4 or 5 straight days of sub zero temps and some snow to go along with it so we actually have a bit of a winter here now (see pic). Whats the sad part? Well, I broke my lawn tractor a while back so I can’t use it to push the snow around and let me tell you, its a lot less fun to do so manually :/

Now I’m looking out for either another tractor or a tranny for mine. What would I REALLY like??

I’d REALLY like a cub cadet tractor with blade, and there IS one on usedpei right now! Almost my dream setup 😀  Problem is its $1800. Now, I *could* sell my seadoo or something but I hate to do that 🙁 I think I would regret it in the summer time! The one on usedpei is the ideal setup, with the mower deck and blade ready to go. I don’t so much care for a snow blower attachement, the blade is more versatile for me for all year round pushing of dirt and snow and brush. I do need a more heavy duty unit though since I pull my firewood with it, plow, cut grass, make a train when relatives are over etc.

Maybe this will be the dream that consumes my thoughts for the next 6 months 😛  



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