Good weather for Maple Syrup

The temperature fluctuates widely here, just a day ago, temps were -17, today +2 or 3 degrees and raining. Great fluctuations for maple syrup… hope the tree isn’t getting confused! No where near spring here yet.

What works well though with all our rain is our new ditch (AKA graded lawn), the ditch is pronounced enough that water easily runs into it and eventually off the end of the property (or into the ground – as long as its not into our basement). That whole drainage issue seems to be 100% resolved. Even with these melts I haven’t had to empty the dehumidifier, brilliant! This summer will be the real full length test and we’ll see how it does in the hot humid rainy weather. I expect the dehumidifier will be running but hopefully not half as long each cycle and no more potential for mould as there will be significantly less water seeping through the concrete walls.

And thanks to the grading I’m able to start work on my downstairs office again. Going to tear up the old floor which does have a bit of old mould on it around the edges and replace it with a floating tongue and groove type floor meant for basements or concrete floors. This stuff allows the floor to breathe properly and the bottom is plastic so it inhibits mould growth, all while making the concrete floor warmer since you’re standing on a raised floor. Currently it has a plywood floor lifted off the concrete an inch by a bunch of 1x4s which isn’t good because you have no way to know whether the wood on the ground is getting wet, staying wet etc and it certainly wasn’t able to breathe. Once my office is moved, we’ll have a new bedroom or sitting room or something on the main level, perfect for guests, and I’ll have a much more private office, safe from the sounds of screaming kids (mostly) with a door that closes. Ok, not too much sunlight but.. if the sun is coming in the windows upstairs, its usually in my eyes or glaring off the┬ácomputer screen anyways. I often just leave the curtains closed and the lights on because of that. So its just as well. There are two windows in that room which when opened create a nice cross breeze. Its also ideal in the summer because its much cooler down there, granted the flip side is that in winter its colder down there, I’ll have to invest in a space heater, not the end of the world though, its a small room so it shouldn’t take much to warm it up.

So, one of our house projects this year is to get that office up and running. We do have many more but thats the one I’m currently excited about. Once done, it will be one less room to finish, and one more room available for guests.

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