Unicorns in the bible

Did you know unicorns are in the bible? They actually exist in the King James Version. Modern translations write it as Wild ox or other animals. There isn’t however any specific reason not to believe the KJV is correct in its description. Though its not a maker / breaker subject, its fascinating because it adds to the conjecture and plausible thought of dinosaurs with man and the idea that mythical creatures as we call them now were in fact real animals and are now extinct.

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(KJV) Job 39:9 Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?



Modern readers have trouble with the Bible’s unicorns because we forget that a single-horned feature is not uncommon on God’s menu for animal design. (Consider the rhinoceros and narwhal.) The Bible describes unicorns skipping like calves (Psalm 29:6), traveling like bullocks, and bleeding when they die (Isaiah 34:7). The presence of a very strong horn on this powerful, independent-minded creature is intended to make readers think of strength.

The unicorn may indeed not be what we think of when we think of ‘my little pony’ unicorns, but it may nonetheless be a creature that lived hundreds of years ago and is now extinct. It only takes  a few generations for people to forget that some animals that WERE living are real, very quickly we start making up stories which turn into fairy tales and then we make fun of people who believe in such animals. We consider myth to be equal to ‘not real’ however with most myths, there is some truth buried there even if embellished through the generations.


Interestingly enough, I found this by reading my mom ‘old’ Jack Van Impe prophecy bible which happens to be KJV (my currently real bible is NKJV and doesn’t use the word ‘unicorn’). So if I didn’t pick up my real bible (as I blogged about the other day – digital bibles: http://micahgallant.com/2012/01/18/the-age-of-digital-bibles ) I wouldn’t have seen this interesting thing that newer translations seem to leave out, or at least dumb down the interpretation of it enough so that we don’t think the animal might be special or different than what we have today.


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I’ve blogged about the dragon as well, just search for ‘myth’ on my site (above) to find more related content.


Its a fascinating study and it really gives us a reason to believe that the bible is true, historically accurate and inspired by God Himself!

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