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So I said i would follow up on the quest for website monetization. Though as you’ll notice there are currently no ads on my site. I made 59 cents (finalized) last month (December). I didn’t have the ads up that whole time, nor were they optimized in the slightest for visibility. I’m guessing I might be able to tweak it to get up to $1 per month but since I only run a personal blog, its not the sort of thing where I’ll make thousands of dollars. For that you really need thousands of visitors and better and more well placed ads.

For me, especially for the size of readership I’m at (which is just friends and family mainly) the clutter and bother of adsense outweighs the $12 annually that it brings in.

I have other things that help me pay for my website and bandwidth so I’m not as worried about getting a few dollars out of it and ‘selling out’ my website for said small monetary gains.

Interesting experiment nonetheless. There is money to be had if you intend to setup a semi-professional website where content is focused and regular (weekly minimum). Diversitizing  (thats right, I just made up a word) is really the key here if you’re interested in making money from a website. Adsense, local business support, fundraising etc would need to be considered in most cases but its certainly not impossible.

My site currently generates hundreds of views. I would suggest to make it worth it, you would need thousands of views daily, again, which isn’t impossible depending on the market you’re building a site for and the interest in the content.

I will leave the ads off for now though and work on other tried and true product and service based ways to make money. Things that are more tangible. And if in so doing, I see my readership spike, I may again experiment to determine where the site is in the bell curve of adsense monetization. Should I venture further with this in the future, you can bet I’ll blog on it 😉

I’m glad to have my ad free site back, to me, for a personal website, this feels right.

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