My question of the day is, why is it cheaper, healthier and generally more fun to do things the old fashioned way?

Some examples:

  • Maple Syrup – you can tap your own trees with very basic equipment and boil it down for less then the cost of purchasing it at the grocery store. Its right there, out your window in spring time
  • Apples – grow an apple tree and get KNOWN organic, fresh apples for FREE. You know where they were grown, from where they traveled (across your yard), how fresh they are, whether they’ve been injected with growth hormones (i hope you don’t inject your apple tree with growth hormones :S)
  • Coffee – You can purchase your coffee ground from the store for an amount of money, or you can take one step back and buy roasted beans and grind your own for cheaper, OR you can take another step back and roast your own coffee, then grind it.
  • Firewood – cutting and splitting your own beats membership at a gym any day, its natural, renewable, AND cheaper then any other fuel!

These just happen to be the ones I know about, funny that in all cases they are indeed cheaper, healthier, even more tastey then what you can buy at the grocery store.

So why, I ask do people go live in cities where they can’t do any of this? Maybe I’ll never know. One thing I know is that I’d never live any closer to a city, if anything I’d buy more land farther away which would be yet another step backwards to where I might have my own woodlot instead of buying wood pre-cut off someone else. 
See the trend? The farther you step back in the commercialization process, the closer you get to your food, the more intimate your relationship with whatever it is you’re harvesting or consuming and the better off you are for it all.
The food is more fresh, loaded with more nutrients, less harmful chemicals, and the natural exercise you get harvesting them, processing them, whatever in fresh outside air (no sweat like a gym or perfumes, more oxygen in general). 
When you look at it from that point of view, you probably wonder why you aren’t doing these things yourself right? 🙂 
This is our trend as a family, Arden, Lindsey and I, in the quest to save money, have more healthy food, and lead more exciting fun filled lives, we’re living backwards as some might see it.
I might suggest that infact we are moving forward to the way God originally intended it to be. No where near close to the garden of Eden but if you think of it like that, I think you’ll have a far better appreciation of nature, what it provides us and a respect for the intelligent design in all of Gods created things. Not to mention the wonder that food DOES grow on trees (translate that effectively ‘money’ if you consider that you would otherwise need to buy a watered down, chemical ridden version of it in the grocery store).
Thats my rant for the day. Consider how amazing God is and how you can better appreciate what God already provides on His green earth!

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