RIP Craftsman LT4000 Axle – 1995 – 2011.
Was out cutting firewood and pulling it over to the house for basement storage when I heard a few cracks, then 5 seconds later she stopped pulling. I thought I had finally broken my belt which was the original one since I got it used 2 years agos,… nope, that was intact. As I looked over the back of the seat, I saw shards of  metal on the ground. Uh-oh I thought, thats not a good thing… No go forward at all.. Sure enough, axle was cracked. I didn’t have any more weight then usual today.. 

Likely it was part age, part sub zero temps, and part clutch popping. The tractor otherwise is running amazingly well, something had to go.

And what better then the transmission on it since we just finished replacing the transmission on our car right? Thankfully this tranny should be MUCH more available, cheap and its all of 6 or 8 bolts to plug in I think.
Think I”m asking too much out of my tractor 😉 my LAWN tractor 😛 

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