A hot topic prophetically speaking (not necessarily bible prophecy) is the Mayan calendar, more specifically the long count calendar. Much of the world knows about this because of the 2012 end of the world prediction through this long count system, or at least the end of an era according to this calendar.
I like mysteries and conspiracies so I enjoy learning about these things whether they mean anything or not. What I like about really really old cultures and their stories / myths is that often you can see a hint if not more of the creation story. Often its long told stories of  a great flood that happened, recorded in the bible as Noahs flood, or stories about the creation of man, how the world was created. All those stories between cultures from one side of the world to the other are fascinatingly close in subject matter, the general idea is usually the same and you can match these stories up, but each culture through the years added their own twists, elaboration etc into them. Very much like the twisting of the gospel in our north american culture (even though we have the original hand written documents which should prevent us from twisting the original language / meaning).
Still though, regardless of how the story has changed, there are usually small amounts of basic truth in them which exist throughout the various stories which point back to one main story. In the example of the flood, the cultures tell it differently but basically there was a worldwide flood. Also about the creation of the world, so many different versions but the thread of truth throughout is that a higher being created the earth and man.
Read up on my thoughts on culture myths here:
To the topic, the mayan calendar and how they created it is very interesting. They calculate the beginning of time in their calendar as 3114 years before Christ (BCE – before common era – thats a super lame change, as BC used to mean ‘Before CHrist’).  What does that mean? That puts the timeline in the same ballpark as what the bible says in terms of when the earth was created. The bible details basically that the earth was created about 6000 years ago. Its 2011 now, the BC timeline started about 2000 years ago, and scholars suggest that the flood happened about 3400 years prior to Jesus becoming man (about 2000 years ago). 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_calendar#Overview “The Long Count calendar identifies a date by counting the number of days from a starting date that is generally calculated to be August 11, 3114 BCE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar or September 6 in the Julian calendar (or −3113 in astronomical year numbering). There has been much debate over the precise correlation between the Western calendars and the Long Count calendars. The August 11 date is based on the GMT correlation (see Correlations between Western calendars and the Long Count calendar section elsewhere in this article for details on correlations).”
So in terms of peoples, the earth would for them have started after the flood. Even if not, it would be a couple hundred years off of Adam and Eve, still tantalizingly close to how the bible records it. And why would it be? Because the thread of truth here is that God DID create the world and these civilizations are attempting to record it through their stories and calendars and hiroglyphs. Amazing stuff to research!  
So the stretch here which is fun to speculate on is that if they had the start of the world correct in their calendar and many scholars figure they were very advanced in their calendars, accurate, etc, what does it mean when their calendar ends? Coincidence that it ends about 6000 years from creation which biblically pretty much all escathology teachers says is when the end of days? It may be. We as Christians certainly aren’t supposed to rely on mans efforts and mans knowledge but when you look at the similarities of timelines, where its all heading to, and the truth that runs through many of these ancient myths, its hard not to be interested in it. Canon? No. Could there very well be truth to parts of it? Definitely. 
I think God imparts His truth to the various peoples when they are inhabiting the earth, I also believe that since these civilizations were there at the beginning or close to, or came out of the flood or whose ancestors had stories of creation or the flood, that there is insight and circumstansial evidence lending credence to the bibles account. Do we need more proof then the bible? Nope. But when things line up, its great commentary on the truth of the bible that stands the test of time and ‘mans intellect’ which attempts to discount the bible as a fanciful book of myths.
Things like this should spur Christians on, give them confidence in the bible and the creator God who is in control of this world and will soon show up.  Part of this is the prophetic theory of days and when the Lord will return. The earth was created in 6 days and the Lord rested on the 7th. The earth now is 6000 years old or about, and soon the Lord will come back to allow the earth to rest for 1000 years where Christ will rule on earth. A day to the Lord is 1000 years and 1000 years is like a day – 2 Peter 3:8
Will anything happen in 2012? I’m kinda guessing not, because its a great time for the world to get excited about it only for nothing to happen and hence the great falling away of Christians who put too much stock in end of the world scenarios rather then living for Christ. No man knows the day or the hour. This is certainly well in line with what the bible speaks of as false doctrines, lying tongues and man who will come and say, ‘look there He is’ and then it doesn’t come to pass. All the things happening now with people predicting the end of the world is written of in the bible:
2 Peter 3:3

New Living Translation (©2007) 
Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come, mocking the truth and following their own desires.


Guys, you need to put these pieces of your bibles together, reading the bible is like reading history in advance, its like reading tomorrows newspaper, it predicts the mid east war to come, Israel being the focus of world attention, Damascus destruction, it gives you insight into the creation of the world and how long we will all be here, signs of the times. I could go on for ever, there are so many rabbit trails here of truth and interesting facts where the bible directly intersects with todays modern world. 
Questions? As me and I’ll see if I can get you bible verses. More people need to be watching and learning about these things so they are not deceived or jaded by the world, its media, its propaganda etc, we need to be firm in Christ, knowing our bible, and able to tell others if they ask about whats happening and what the hope is that is in us.

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