3 keys to successful mornings

This is like one of those crazy ‘good living’ sermons. Here are my 3 keys to successful mornings. 
The caveat being that really,… its all a joke but they are nice things and we enjoy them in our house.

  1. Fire – its -4 or so out in Wheatley River, a good day for a roaring fire. Isn’t every day good you say? Well, our behemoth of a fire place (an Ardent F101 wood forced air furnace: http://ardentenergy.ca/index_files/f101.htm ) likes a colder day to really get used. Otherwise it sits there idling cause we don’t want to put in too much wood since the house will get warmer anyways during the day right. So ya, the colder the better for it as we can stoke it up – and it takes some good chunks of wood!
  2. Fresh Bread – this morning, since its my day off, one of my vacation days, I made white bread. Its the candy of breads, the sweet treat that though not as healthy sure is tasty. Though, when making fresh bread with fresh ingredients, the healthiness line is blurred there. Maybe just less fibre in while flour as opposed to whole wheat right?!
  3. Fresh ground and brewed coffee – no morning starts off right without a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee. This is both a cost effective way to brew coffee and FAR more tasty then pre-ground stuff. The trick is to buy the beans in bulk, not the little specialty bags…

And that is all. Its also nice if screaming children are having their morning naps.

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