Having so much fun with the temperatures these days. Today it was up to 17 degrees or something crazy? 😛 I got to ride out to Kensington to meet Lindsey with the dead car, and early to church on Sunday, and today for breakfast (as of writing this, Nov 30th). My goal is to ride in December, maybe even January… not sure I’ll get that far into winter but if temps keep up I’ll get another few rides in.
What is different about this season for riding is that there is sand on the roads from the snowfall we had. Which means its much easier to break the rear tire (without burning all the rubber off it). The intersections especially are great, just the perfect time to twist the throttle and kick the back end out as you drive around the corner. So fun, and when thats not enough, a swerve onto the shoulder for the acceleration phase does the job – and saves the tire too.
Really, when its 8 or 10 degrees out, its about as warm as it was in the spring when we all started riding since we couldn’t wait to get out on the bikes. This time of year though, everyone is finished with riding but me 😛 What,… your poor harley can’t handle a little salt and grit? And your slick tires don’t handle well in the rain? Come on, get a real mans bike and ride a 3.5 seasons out of the year. 
Actually, i’d love to make that 4 seasons of the year. I was thinking about getting studs on the tires, now that would be awesome! And studs are legal here too. Need to look into that more. I think I’d need a second set of rims though to save having to take the tires to the shop to get the studs on. My dad actually used to ice race his motorcycles. Too bad youtube wasn’t around back then, I’ve never seen videos (9mm or otherwise), nor pictures that I recall of that. Anyways, adding that to my bucket list.

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