This probably shouldn’t be called a review, since I really haven’t used the ones mentioned extensively. Never the less, I’ll list a few digital bibles available and explain why there is only one that would even work for me.

So the first thing is to explain what I use it for. Besides reading of course. Currently I read a chapter daily and email thoughts to Lindsey and another friend. It encourages me to keep reading and opens discussion on some passages. So I need to be able to share my notes with specific people, preferably through email.

Lets start with iBooks. This was the first place I looked for bibles, and there are many. The Bible by ‘MobileReference’ was one I downloaded. I love the page turning, and I would LOVE to use the ibooks tool, since its the most obvious place to be reading books. Unexcusable drawback?? You can’t share notes from it, let alone email them which is what I need to be able to do. If I could email notes from ibooks, I’d use it no problem. I think this is a limitation of ibooks though unfortunately.

Next are the regular app ones:
– Bible by Youversion – This bible is ok, allows highlighting, youversion notes (online stuff), all the standard stuff, commentaries etc. BUT I can’t email my notes from it. I can save to youversion online but then I can’t share those notes specifically with a person easily.
– BlueLetterBible – This is my current favourite and only one that I can use. Has all the standard stuff, auto scroll, commentaries etc, AND it allows you to take a note and email it to a friend or multiple friends. Perfect for daily reading
– Glo Bible – This is a brand new app, looks very cool, has images, videos, biblical landscape tours, all sorts of multimedia (if you pay the $59) and it connects with your youversion account (if that was in any way useful for me to share my notes), and connects to facebook, twitter for sharing verses etc. Great start, but again, I see no way of directly emailing notes :/

There are other very notable ones I’m sure but these are the ones I”ve looked at. I would have thought note sharing options would be a basic feature, especially email (before even facebook and twitter)?? Apparently not. These apps sport all kinds of translations and other features but I really just need to be able to read and email notes. I do like the idea of multimedia and I think thats where these bibles need to go and yes, I would pay for it too.

Do you know of any bible apps that allow emailing that are half decent beyong BLB? I’d love to switch for example to Glo bible cause it just looks cool with all its features. Alas, without being able to share properly and directly, they aren’t much use to me 🙁

NOTE: This doesn’t account for iPhone apps, I only looked at iPad apps. And I’m not real interested in fully online versions as browser based stuff like that is never quite as nice as an app, especially since you need to be online for browser based ones..

UPDATE: 2 minutes after posting this 😛 I just found Olive Tree Bible+ and Bible.IS which apparently both support direct email. Bible+ looks promising. I’ll try it out and maybe actually do a review on it.

UPDATE 2: I can’t find any direct way to email in either above :/. Will keep searching…

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