I am SO old that:
– I remember having to walk up to the television to change the channel
– I remember when we had one single rotary dial phone in the kitchen with no answering machine and we would all need to take turns to use it and ask specifically for someone on the other end (and it took forever to dial a 10 digit number that had lots of digits above 5)
– I remember when we had to wash dishes by hand, ALL of them and it was our chore after each meal to wash them
– I remember when windows in cars were rolled down by hand and to lock a car, you had to open each door and push the knob down manually
– I remember when the internet was a 14.4 modem connected to the Beaverton BBS and talking to the SYSOP was the highlight of the ‘online’ adventure!
– I remember when computers ONLY ran DOS and if you didn’t know command line stuff, a computer was just a paper weight to you
– I remember when kids didn’t have to wear helmets and if they hit their heads, well… that was their fault and they didn’t do that stupid thing again – ie they learned a lesson. What do they learn now?
– I remember when none of the stores in our home town had security cameras, or security at all (I assisted in the ushering in of that stuff :/ )
– I remember when kids used to go outside and play
– I remembered when there was some level of respect for older folk, personal property and the law
– I remember when Christmas involved snow 🙁

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